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You Can’t Measure Heart

The heart will define the second round of the 2022 NBA playoffs, Golden State Warriors Vs. Memphis Grizzlies. The matchups are crucial, Morant Vs. Curry, and Payton, Bane Vs. Poole, Brooks Vs. Thompson, Jackson Jr., And Clarke Vs. Wiggins and Kuminga, with Draymond keeping Tillman off the glass as he corrects mistakes. Kerr's rotation for game five of the Nuggets series.

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But Kerr will return to the more favorable starting lineup of Looney, Green, Wiggins, Thompson, and Curry with over five hundred playoff games of experience. Gary Payton II, Porter Jr, Kuminga, and Poole will all play significant roles with the addition of Iguodala if he can go. The Grizzlies' second-chance points off the offensive glass will be the Dub's most significant challenge while limiting their turnovers. The team from the bay should feast on points in the paint as Memphis does not defend driving lanes well. Curry, Poole, Thompson, Wiggins, and Kuminga must exploit opportunities at the rim to open up the floor for their shots from a distance.

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Sending Memphis on an early vacation is the Warrior's next step in their quest for a fourth Larry from this core, fulfilling Lacob's promise to get Curry at least one more. There will be no dancing on the Warrior's logo at Chase Center. You can't measure heart which will be the determining factor in this matchup—Warriors in five.

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