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Will Myers Extend Jordan Poole or Wait and Use his Bird Rights in 2023

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Poole and his agent If they are smart; Poole will roll the dice for a Super Max deal. Next season, Poole could qualify for a Super Max contract by making the all-star team, an all-NBA team, or the sixth man of the year.

Poole can take his bag now or decide to go for a bigger one. Myers will put a respectful qualifying offer on the table, which is required to maintain the Warriors' Bird Rights. Poole should not accept the qualifying offer in-my-humble-opinion and roll the dice in the 2023 season for a bigger one. Poole is a restricted free agent waiting to see Myer's next move.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement is up for renegotiation in 2024. The likely increased cap will give Myers more flexibility and save Joe Lacob a ton of money.

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