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Where Will Gui Santos Play Next Season?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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For the many of us who follow the Warriors religiously, not in Brazil! Myers can stash Santos for a year (October 15, 2023), sending him home because the Dubs have his draft rights. But that is a bad idea, leaving Myers with a hard decision to make when the Warriors finalize their roaster. Does Q's contract get converted? Weatherspoon is signed to a two-way contract and can play up to 50 days in a Golden State Warriors uniform before Myers must convert his two-way contract into a standard NBA player contract or return him to the G league for the rest of the season.

Myers has three options. Option one: is to convert Weatherspoon when the Warriors finalize their roaster, which may have only 14 spots. Myers could then sign Santos to a two-way and allow him time to develop in Santa Cruz, leaving Kerr with the option to expose him to the NBA for up to 50 days in San Francisco.

Option two: Should Gui set training camp on fire, sign him to a cheap rookie deal for two or three years, which is what he did with his 44th pick, Ryan Rollins.

Option three: Send him home to play another year in Brazil. A horrible choice for Myers to consider, but the repeater tax liability may leave him no choice, and if Iguodala returns, Myers' only option will be to send him home.

Some teams in the league are keeping a close eye on what Myers does. Sacramento would be the first in line after lighting them for 23 points, on opening night, in the California Classic setting WarriorsTwitter on fire. Qui would have added to that total if Sacramento had not implemented a defense that doubled-teamed him the whole second half. His mentor, Leandro Babosa, is now on Mike Brown's staff, and he would love to have him back under his wing. Gui Santos is an athletic, energetic swingman. At 6-foot-8, 209 pounds with a 7-foot wingspan with quick feet, a versatile forward who can guard multiple positions, initiate the offense, and find open teammates. He excels at attacking the basket to score on offense. He is quite adept at taking opponents off the dribble—high basketball IQ with the ability to distribute the ball and the passing skills of Luka Doncic'.

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