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The Return of James Wiseman

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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My reason for passing on Wiseman was not his talent but the inevitable impatience of our fanbase. In the 2020 NBA Draft, many demanded his selection as the Warrior's pick. This writer disagreed with Wiseman's selection as Edwards was my preferred choice, but Wiseman became our pick, and his three-year development began. The 2020 second overall pick first season was limited to thirty-nine games, cut short by a meniscus tear of his right knee. After two surgeries, he attempted to salvage his second season in a Warriors uniform, but the continued swelling of his injured knee shut him down for the season. It would be eighteen months and a trip to London to get a plasma injection before Wiseman would return to the court for Las Vegas Summer League.

Only Time Will Tell …

Playing Summer League and his rookie season gave us a small sample of the potential of James Wiseman. The young man from Memphis will participate in his first training camp with the opportunity to be the centerpiece of the second unit. Kerr has defined his role as providing Wiseman with the best environment to mature. Kerr has clarified that Kevon Looney will be the starter, stating that "Looney has earned the starting role and then some." The starters will be Curry, Thompson, Green, Wiggins, and Looney, with Kerr and staff to decide the rotation of the second unit. The bench is solid and promising, with Poole, Kuminga, Moody, DiVincenzo, JaMychal Green, and Rollins to form the second rotation is where Wiseman will thrive. The confirmation bias casual will be chirping from the bird's nest no matter how successful Wiseman's return becomes.

A Peek of what is to Come …

Wiseman spent his rehab in a masterclass with the Warrior's development staff. His game is a work in progress, and the lack of court awareness was still an issue in Vegas. In the four games he played in Summer League, Wiseman put an improved shot from the mid-range and the ability to spread the floor on display. The Warrior's 2020 lottery pick has improved his post-game and rim protection. The molding of the second unit around him with his post presents, while Poole and Rollin showcasing his high pick-and-roll talent, with his ability to spread the floor should make the Warrior's second rotation the envy of the NBA.

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