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The Joy of Christmas

"It could be time for Andrew Wiggins to leap into stardom. As the number two option last season, he averaged 18.6 points on 47% shooting and 38% from deep. He also became the team’s best perimeter defender, averaging 1.0 blocks and 0.9 steals per game." BleacherReport/Getty Images

Getty Images

The above snippet will begin this conversation. It is well past the time for Wiggins to seize the moment and end the "over-valued" narrative with a mic drop moment. He always could rise above the player he has settled for in the past. Starting his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves, one of the worst cultures in the NBA, sucked the motivation out of his game until the trade to the Golden State Warriors. Last year gave us moments of the promise of what Wiggins could be. Now is time for him to help Curry carry this team into December. He has prioritized improving the efficiency of this three-point, mid-range, and adding to his bag while spending most of the off-season in the Lab with former teammates and other NBA players.

He came to camp unvaccinated and lost his appeal to the NBA for a religious exemption, leaving the feature of this season in doubt with the City of San Francisco mandate requiring all attendees of a public event over 1000 be vaccinated to attend. In the end, Wiggins put the Warriors Organization, the future of the team, family, and career over his convictions. Wiggins's position, "My body, My choice, "gained the support of Curry and Green but became the focus of DubNation's toxic voice. The return, Christmas Day, of Klay Thompson will encourage us all to smile, but that infectious smile of Wiggins is the one I will cherish as if watching a child open that unexpected gift just moments before tip-off. Should he seize this opportunity and bring his game to the level of our expectations, the overvalued narrative disappears, to be replaced by the success of this coming season.

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