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The harsh reality facing the Golden State Warriors

Updated: Apr 1

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With only nine games remaining in the season, the Golden State Warriors are playing for their playoff lives. The team from the bay won their first road game since January 30th, beating the Houston Rockets 108-121, ending an eleven game losing streak. The Warriors head to Dallas to face Mavericks, desperate to hold onto the 6th seed in the West. With the Dallas Mavericks only one game back, holding the seventh seat this contest will decide the season series. This is a must win for the Warriors and a chance to put some distance between Dallas and Minnesota, and a two game lead with eight games left on the schedule.

Hold onto "we believe" because that is all you may have left of this season or come to terms that the Warriors will make major changes in the offseason.

The defending champions’ roster has clear flaws they need to address, and it may take a major trade in order to do it. With the projected payroll to exceed 500 million dollars. including luxury tax penalties, the Warriors will need to move a star player to address their needs.

Jonathan Kuminga and Jordan Poole are the only assets the Dubs have to offer in a major trade, and Kuminga should be off the table. O.G. Anunoby was high on Bob Myers list at the trade deadline. The 6'7" small forward with a 7'2" wing span averages 17 points, 47.5 Fg%, 38.7 3p%, 5 rebounds, a block, and 2 steals a game. Anunoby, with his 232 lb

frame and defensive skills, would provide a defensive physical presence to the current roster.

Credit: Getty Images

With Patrick Baldwin Jr.'s 2" growth since drafted and still growing, the 6'11" 235 lb small forward is Steve Kerr's prototypical big of the future. Baldwin has emerged as a knock-down shooter with the ability to stretch the floor. The Warriors' first pick in this year's draft could fill, if developed, the biggest need in the current roaster.

Warriors' Twitter and Warriors' beat writers have speculated that a big such as Kristaps Porzingis with his 37 million dollar salary could be the Dubs' target this offseason, which is an entertaining thought, but not realistic. If Bob Myers remains the General Manager of the Golden State Warriors next season and in the future, look for Myers to add O.G. Anunoby this off-season.

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