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The Emergence of Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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The playoffs were eye-opening experiences as both had a front-row seat to watch the intensity and effort a player must make to contribute during a series. Kuminga and Moody displayed the potential of the 7th and 14th overall picks of the 2021 NBA Draft during the 2021 season. Both made limited appearances in the Warrior's playoff run for Curry's fourth Larry. Their playoff experience was evident during Summer League, and the Warriors' coaching staff will remain hopeful their games will take another leap in their development during the fast-approaching training camp. Kuminga and Moody must earn significant minutes in Kerr's rotation for the Dubs to repeat. The best efforts each night of every team the Warriors will face during the regular season will be played at playoff intensity, requiring strength-in-numbers to keep Curry, Thompson, and Green rested for the opportunity to win another championship.

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Kuminga's elite athleticism elevates his potential off most charts, and he relies on God-given ability far too much. His court awareness has improved from the raw rookie we witnessed at the first of last season, but he must continue to strengthen that part of his game. Kerr will use him to spell Green at the point to take advantage of mismatches and relieve Green of heavy minutes. He can play on the wing and play the five with the right matchup. His defense and offensive rebounding must continue to evolve, but his growth this coming season will be measured by the efficiency of the minutes.

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Moody will get the opportunity to play a significant role in Kerr's second unit. With a 7' 3" wingspan and his 6' 6" frame, Moody has all the measurables to become a three-and-D wing. Moody can play the two or the three but will be Wiggins' replacement when the second rotation takes to the floor. Moses has displayed a desire to become an elite defender. The ability to work the glass, which to date, has become the centerpiece of his game. On the other end of the court, his three-point shot is a picture of beauty, but Moody's consistency must improve to earn more minutes. Kuminga and Moody are part of the Dub's young core, and the Nation will be excited about their continuing development in the coming season.

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