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The Best Story in the NBA Today … The Golden State Warriors

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Tonight at the palace that Curry, Thompson, and Green built, the Golden State Warriors take the final step in Joe Lacob's and Bob Myers' vision to return the Dubs and Stephen Curry to where they belong. The journey from the 2019 loss in the NBA Finals when injuries to Cousins, Durant, and Thompson cost the Team from the Bay their third NBA Championship in consecutive years.

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Durant leaves for the East Coast, and Thompson spends the next 941 days in rehab before returning to the game he loves. Curry, suffering a broken left hand, plays just five games in 2020 to add to a two-year absence from post-season play. In the 2015 championship season, a veteran supporting cast of Bogut, West, Pathulia, Barbosa, Lee, and Igoudala provided the experience needed to climb to the top of the mountain. Stephen, Klay, Draymond, Kevon, and Andrew will assume their roles tonight.

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Wiggins' matchup with Brown and Tatum will be crucial. Green, Thompson, Iguodala, Kuminga, and Moody will assume the responsibility of guarding one or both as Kerr could go ten deep into his rotations. Smart will see more of Gary Payton II than he will want. The Warriors' featuring their small-ball lineup with ball movement, 3-point efficiency, lack of turnovers, pressuring the rim, aggressive defenses, and limiting needless trips to the foul line by Boston, is the path to the next chapter in Curry's and The Golden State Warriors' Legacy.

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The Bay Area Sports Gold Rush will become wealthier with the Team from the Bay striking gold at Chase Center while putting another Larry OBrian Trophy in the case, ending with a parade down Market Street. Warriors in six.

2022 NBA Finals ~ Golden State Warriors 2022 NBA Champions

Game 1 Warriors (108) Vs. Celtics (120) Series (W 0-1 C)

Game 2 Warriors (107) Vs. Celtics (88) Series (W 1-1 C)

Game 3 Celtics (116) Vs. Warriors (100) Series (W 1-2 C)

Game 4 Celtics (97) Vs. Warriors (107) Series (W 2-2 C)

Game 5 Warriors (104) Vs. Celtics (94) Series (W 3-2 C)

Game 6 Celtics (90) Vs. Warriors (103) Series (W 4-2 C)

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