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Putting the Cork Back in the Bottle

It is time to correct the negative impact to satisfy our addiction to the quest for lucky Charms, likes, thumbs-ups, red hearts, awarded badges, X boxes, and anything else your favorite social media platform offers. We put our young Warrior's talented futures at risk to become relevant in this community. Curry was a coin flip in the front office of becoming a Milwaukee Buck as a trade piece in the Andrew Bogut trade, but Monte Ellis lost the flip. That began the toxic injury discussions that Curry weathered in his developmental years. Wiseman, Kumimga, and Moody are prime opportunities to join the negative narrative. These players deserve better from this community we call DubNation. They deserve our patients, support, and encouragement, not the toxic environment created for you to remain relevant.

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The accolades for Poole were not typical until after he returned from the G League in mid-season. He, as well, endures his developmental years in the spotlight of negative social media. Wiseman will require a much more extended period of development. His progress remains undetermined due to a misguided NCCA ruling, Covid restrictions, and injuries costing him both Summer League and pre-season. With the guidance of Milojeric and the experience gained from his injury-shortened season. His development is back on schedule, but social media will not be kind to James Wiseman as he is next up to endure what Curry and Poole faced. The high expectation of Kuminga and Moody will afford YouTube and Twitter what they covet the most sensationalized misleading headlines or thumbnails speculating on their trade value in their next ill-conceived trade. The negative narrative has established an almost impossible environment for these young players to develop. Putting the cork back in the bottle will not be easy. The success of YouTube to improve one's lifestyle and the profitability of developing multiple channels financed with the introduction of Silicon Valley startup money will make changing the culture we created much more difficult but change it; we must.

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