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Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga's promising future

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Both players came into the league as nineteen year-olds, and with just two games left in the 2022/23 season have earned their way into Head Coach, Steve Kerr's, playoff rotation. Now just twenty, both have assumed their roles as the bridge between two timelines.

The road to earn Kerr's trust for the 7th and 14th overall picks in the 2021 NBA Draft has come with maturity, perseverance, and a gym-rat mentality.

Moody's journey drew the praise of both Steve Kerr and Bob Myers recently when asked how was he handling not playing. Moody's answer shocked both his head coach and general manager when he responded, "I chose to develop in the NBA not at Arkansas, and if I stayed at Arkansas, I would be playing."

Moses Moody's, filling in for the injured Klay Thompson contributed to the Warriors 34th win of the season at Chase Center, a 125-136 come-from-behind victory over the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder: Stats - 26 minutes, 13 points , on 5-7 - 3-5 splits, five rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block.

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Jonathan Kuminga has contributed meaningful minutes in his last ten games, and has become a fixture in Steve Kerr's second rotation. Kuminga is on a path to becoming a 3&D all star wing, and is a fan favorite for the team from the bay.

The 7th overall pick is developing into a lockdown defender, with Kerr trusting the twenty year-old to guard the opposing team's best player on the floor. Kuminga's contribution Tuesday night: Stats - 20 minutes, 9 points, on 4-10 - 1-3 splits, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, and 1 block.

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With the developing and promising prospect, Patrick Baldwin Jr, waiting in the wings, Gui Santos and Lester Quinones continuing to develop in Santa Cruz, Bob Myers's two-timeline scenario is well on the path to success.

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