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"Kevin Durant chose chaos to open 2022 NBA free agency”

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday. "His desire to get out of town is so profound that he delivered the news "directly" to team governor Joe Tsai, along with a list of preferred landing spots headlined by the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns."

Super-stars' contracts have no validity in today's NBA, and not honoring them has become a means to an end.

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Later Thursday evening, in an article by Dan Favale,

Favale reveals, "Kevin Durant chose chaos to open 2022 NBA free agency—and everyone around the league is about to feel the ramifications." From chaos comes order, but time will only tell when sanity will overcome the epic consequence of Durant's unsettling decision. The bidding war for Durant will be fierce competition, which will change the direction of a franchise and the order of the entire league. Favale's article goes on to ask, "Are we about to see one of the richest trade packages in the history of NBA?" Or does a 33-year-old who has appeared in the fewer regular season and playoff games since 2016-17 than Joel Embiid not command the king's ransom we'd expect?"

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In a recent Monte Poole piece, Poole reveals Joe Lacob's reaction to Durant's decision to leave, "When Kevin Durant left the Warriors in July 2019, the team's CEO was flabbergasted. Joe Lacob couldn't rationalize why Durant would leave the team with which he played a massive role in reaching three consecutive NBA Finals. Still, Lacob, on several occasions, including at a luncheon before the 2019-20 season, expressed puzzlement, saying he really didn't understand and doubted he ever would."

How will Durant's requested trade affect the Golden State Warriors?

Joe Lacob and Bob Myers will not make the same miscalculation twice. They stripped this team of the bench players, which became the motto of the Warriors, "strength in numbers," to sign Durant and will be unwilling to do so again. After losing Payton, Porter, and JTA to free agency, and Looney agreeing to a 25.5 mil contract, Myers will attempt to extend Wiggins and Poole while he sits across the table and plays poker with teams pushing their chips all.

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"The bluff," leaving both players' agents with an unanswered question. "We can extend you now? Or we may include the players you represent in a trade package for Durant to secure the future of the Golden State Warriors, leaving both agents questioning the direction he will take. Myers will use the threat of the young assets on the Dubs' roster to push KD's price out of the reach of Western Division opponents. This leaves Miami as the preferred destination for Myers ruse but costs Miami more than anticipated.

With the Dub's losses in free agency and the shuffling of players from teams wishing to enter the KD sweepstakes, Myers could have the opportunities not available to him before Durant's request.

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