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James Wiseman spending extended time in the “G” League is the right move.

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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Wiseman entered last night's blowout of the San Antonio Spurs 132 - 95 with more than 9 minutes left in the 4th Qt and was barely noticed on the floor. The second overall pick of the 2020 NBA draft will now spend time in Santa Cruz with the Dubs' G League affiliate.

With three games in his college career, the loss of training camp due to Covid restrictions, and a lengthy rehab for a meniscus tear of his right knee suffered during his rookie season. Wiseman's lousy luck has defined his time in the NBA.

The coaching staff will remain hopeful that Wiseman will spend the time to regain confidence in his game. Kerr told Monte Poole that Wiseman would spend at least ten games with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

In his post-game interview, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr announced that Wiseman would spend an "extended time with the Warrior’s affiliate getting the reps needed to find his game.

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