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In the Shadows

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Moses Moody has begun his career with high expectations of others. The gift of Kuminga and “The Promise of Wiseman” have overshadowed his relevance to this roster. Moody has heard it all. “He is a role-player at best,” “not an all-star,” “a trade piece,” and certainly not a “super-star.” His showing in Summer League raised our expectations. No one knows how high the potential of Moody will be, but that journey begins with training camp and his development over the coming season. The following is his pre-draft evaluation written In June. Will Moses lead us to the promised land?

Moses Moody - University of Arkansas

Moody is 6’6”, 205 pounds, with an over 7’ wingspan at 19 years old. With an NBA-ready body that should only improve with time. He could contribute immediately to whoever drafts him after only one year at Arkansas. His shot is impressive with both a mid-range and the ability to stretch the floor. Moses will get into the paint and effectively execute his mid-range game with a pull-up, fakes, and spins. His stroke is a thing of beauty and can create space with a jab-step, step-backs, and his ability to shoot off the bounce. Moses catch and shoot game is a work in progress as he adjusts to the NBA. He has a fast and efficient release with the ability to become even better. Moody can create for others or deliver a dime to an open-cutting teammate. He can get to the rim and finish with either hand but still has potential here, which will develop over time.

On the defense side, his length shows up immediately. The ability to disrupt passing lanes smothers a player’s ability to get off a shot. He can guard the 2 or the 3 with the quickness to run down fast-breaking players and defend from behind using his length. The lateral movement to stay in front of faster point guards and with that 7’1” wingspan to block step-backs and jumps stop pull-ups in the paint or defeat a player at the rim. He is my pick at #7 but has fallen in many mock drafts to #14.

He is now my pick to contribute to the absence of “our captain of the bay” while we wait for his much-anticipated return on Christmas Day.

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