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In My Humble Opinion - 2021/22 NBA draft

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Here is my take for what it’s worth. Created July 25 at 1:01 AM.

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Picks 7-14 you could put in a hat and take your choice. I have Moses Moody a #7 and would take Kuminga if he falls. A trade at #14 with Houston or OKC if Moody, Giddey, Mitchell, and Kispert are gone. There is always a chance somebody unexpectedly may fall to #14. We will be lucky to get a trade exemption for Oubre. He will not yield a pick or player. I would take Trey Murphy III with Houston’s pick at #23. Leaving #24 selection open to see who falls. Using the OKC trade scenario, I would take Ayo Dosunmu at #34 (OKC). Would wait to see what falls at #16 (OKC) as well. I see no difference in value between #14 and #16 or #18 if Giddey, Mitchell, and Kispert are on someone else’s draft board.

You must ask yourself, at some point, why schedule workouts with prospective second-round players who could go un-drafted or in the second round? The Warriors don’t have a second-round pick! 🤔 Bob may be playing chess, acquiring a pick for a player they are high on late. IMHO, the evaluation of players between 7-14, 15-24, and 25-36 are essentially talent equivalent if Kuminga, Giddey, Mitchell, and Kispert do not fall. That’s my final draft scenario and I am sticking with it. I have no expectations or delusions this scenario will influence Bob’s path to improve this roster or this scenario is more than a well-researched guess as I picked Ball to go first and Edwards to the Warriors in last year's draft.


The proposed pick-swap: Sam Presti should welcome this! OKC has picks #6, #16, #18, #34, #36 and #55. OKC will not draft/sign three first and three seconds. That is simply not realistic in my opinion. The chance to improve his utilization of all those picks may open the door here for Bob to pick swap #14 for #16 and pick up #34 or #18 picking up #34 and #36. Picks #36 and #55 were the settlement in the Oubre trade.

The proposed Houston pick swap should similarly interest Rafael Stone to maximize the picks he received for Harden. Houston has three first-round picks #2, #23, and #24. They should only want to utilize two.

Post Draft Evaluation - Kuminga did fall right into Myer’s lap. I believe Moody would have been our pick at #7 but Kuminga’s fall changed the draft. Moody slipped to #14 and the Warriors just stole the 2021/22 draft.

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