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‘I was wrong, I failed as a leader; I failed as a man'

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

"The Punch" has taken on a life of its own

"I was wrong' I failed as a leader; I failed as a man." these are beautiful words, but what was Green’s motivation? Was Draymond's accountability his first step toward reconciliation?

Marcus Thompson - Getty Images

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic detailed the 2016-17 DPOY's potential motivation for changing his representation:

"Rich Paul of Klutch Sports has represented Draymond Green since 2019. Paul famously is the agent for NBA superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis and was at the center of all the AD-to-Lakers rumors that dominated the NBA landscape.

Any time a player signs with Klutch, the rumors of that player potentially teaming up with LeBron start to swirl. So why, exactly, did Draymond make this move?

"Green could prefer Klutch's aggressive approach and increased clout on his behalf when this is all figured out over the next year. Undoubtedly, Green landing on the Lakers, in their division, is something the Warriors would have to contemplate should Green decline his player option or the Warriors decide not to re-up with him."

Getty Images

"One source said Green's primary desire to switch agents is largely about being impressed with what Klutch is building and what LeBron's camp is doing as a whole. LeBron's camp has done some impressive things, including SpringHill entertainment (Hello, Space Jam 2), popular television shows such as "The Shop" on HBO, and plenty of other off-court ventures.” Thompson also notes how Draymond is close friends with businessman Maverick Carter, a member of LeBron's marketing group, and has already worked with him and James on the Uninterrupted digital media platform."

"The Punch"

Mike Ryan (a/k/a MIKE RYAN RUIZ) of Meadowlark Media, with his comment on the "THE DAN LE BATARD SHOW WITH STUGOTZ," accused Green of "engineering the slander" of Jordan Poole Which, Curry dismissed as pure BS, and the video of Green's punch were the sparks that ignited the blaze this incident has become.

"The Betrayal”

The leaked video set Warrior's Twitter on fire, revealing the unprovoked brutality of Green's punch and the greed of the person or persons on the Warrior's video staff who leaked it. TMZ purchased the rights to the video for 120K.

"The Shop” HBO Promotion

In a press conference, Kerr expressed his concerns about the now out-of-control media frenzy, which he characterized as "not normal," and his disappointment the Warriors lost the opportunity to keep the incident "in-house." In an interview with Kevan Looney, Kevan said, "Green has some work to do," and echoed in Kerr's press conference. Green must repair the trust of his teammates but is he willing to make that effort, or will he take the proven path orchestrated by Klutch Sports and Rich Paul to become LeBron's new teammate?

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