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How Did This Happen?

Bob Myers, Joe Lacob, and Steve Kerr had the vision and stuck to it despite the unsolicited ill-informed attitudes from social media. Bob Myers put this roster together; Steve Kerr made it work, and Joe Lacob wrote the check. It is time to give credit where it is long past due. Let us move on to what comes next. The return to the Western Division Finals to send Chris Paul on vacation with The King to cheat at cards.

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In recognition of the 5% of this fanbase that supported Myer's vision, Lacob's generosity, and Kerr's basketball knowledge 👏👏👏. Those who second-guessed Myer's next moves have appeared in all the usual places. You are encouraged to continue your narratives. Proposed trades for Beal of Wiseman, Wiggins, and picks 7 & 14 are the laughter you provide. Just own what you contributed at the end of the season. Your contributions make the off-season more entertaining. But let us enjoy the Western Division Finals, which will be the Dub's 6th appearance in 8 years, and the opportunity to place another Larry in the case for now.

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