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Golden State Warriors to set the tone for another championship run in game #1

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The Golden State Warriors struggled through the regular season. They were excellent at home, as they played like defending champions in the fan friendly confines of Chase Center, but lost their focus away from the bay. The Warriors only won 11 games on the road, which leaves in doubt whether the team from the bay can win away from Chase Center.

Winning four championships and appearing six times in the Western Conference Finals in the span of 10 years, expect the Golden State Warriors to ratchet up their play under the bright lights of the playoffs.

Despite the team from the bay being favorites to take the series as the sixth-seed, the Kings are no joke. The fanbase has waited 17 long years to cheer for a playoff team, but eliminating the Golden State Warriors will be a tall order for the untested inexperienced Sacramento Kings.

Credit: Getty Images

The Kings' defense is the worst among all 16 teams that made the playoffs. It is to the credit of Mike Brown, Coach of the Year, and Sacramento's offense to how well they put points on the board. In the playoffs, the defensive weakness may come back to haunt them. Unlike Golden State, Sacramento does not really have a lockdown defender at the point-of-attack.

Steph Curry will be poised for an explosion in Game 1 which should be an explosive Warriors-Kings series. Curry has already torched the Kings all season; back on November, Curry dropped 47 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists on 17-24/7-12 from three shooting from the field. Curry has not scored less than 25 points or shot less than 50 percent from the field against Sacramento this season.

Expect Curry, Wiggins and Poole to set-off fireworks at Golden 1 Center as the Warriors take a 1 game serious advantage in front of a sold-out crowd at Golden 1 Center.

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