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Golden State Warriors: The Emancipation of James Wiseman

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It is time for Steve Kerr to unleash the bench-tortured James Wiseman. The athletically gifted twenty-one year old needs meaningful minutes in the head coach of the Golden State Warriors' rotations. Playing garbage-time minutes, the promise of second overall selection of the 2020 NBA Draft has been on display.

Play him or trade him, but it is time for Steve Kerr and Bob Myers to decide whether there is a future for James Wiseman as a Golden State Warriors.

With the February 9th trade deadline just 24 hrs away, there is no credible rumor that the talented young big is on the trade block. All indications are that Joe Lacob's draft pick will be a Warrior past the deadline.

Steve Kerr, end the torment displayed on this young man's face, and find him productive minutes, or reassign him to the G League for the opportunity to further develop his skills.

Credits: Getty Images

Wiseman may never develop his full potential in a Warrior's uniform. Kerr has chosen the path to another championship, which is a lineup of diverse smaller players that can guard multiple positions. The young center has yet to gain Steve Kerr's trust, fully understanding the defensive contribution required to play meaningful minutes. Playing defense in the head coach's scheme is like puppets on a string, which Wiseman has yet to assimilate. Kerr must find the opportunity for Wiseman to develop this part of his game, and accept the reality that he his going to make mistakes.

The Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors has remained patient with the development of Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga, with both players now contributing quality minutes, and they have become a vital part of Kerr's vision for his limited playoff rotation. It is past time for the head coach of the Golden State Warriors to show the same patience in Lacob's lottery selection. James Wiseman will not see minutes in Kerr's playoff rotation this season, but can provide the needed relief for Kevon Looney and Draymond Green after the break.

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