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“Don’t Go Quietly Into That Dark Night” -

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American Airlines Arena Game 4: A lesson Steve Kerr taught in his masterclass all season was on display in the loss to the Dallas Mavericks 119-109.

Kerr's teaching methods are the most misunderstood of any coach in the NBA. Many of us find ourselves screaming, "What in the hell are you doing, Steve?" Not Lee? play Moody; Kuminga should be playing Bjelica's minutes, or why you are playing a rookie in crunch-time in the Western Conference Final?" Steve Kerr is loyal to HIS players to a fault. Yes, but there is a method to his madness.

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If you are fortunate enough ever to wear a Golden State Warrior's Uniform for a Kerr-coached team, you will be called upon to

fulfill a role, so be ready! Steve brought this concept to this organization in 2014. With this promise, "a player will never be left to rot at the end of the bench." He has never wavered from it despite all the slander we spew at our Tv screens. There are six conference finals in 8 years and three championships, with the case being dusted for another "Larry" to validate HIS coaching methods.

This fan's opinion is that Kerr has provided the stage all season for Damion Lee, on an expiring contract, to audition for a new team. This same opportunity is now offered to Nemanja Bjelica, which was Steve's realization during the season. Kerr and HIS staff are committed to developing Wiseman, kuminga, and Moody and continuing the growth of this roster. Steve's locality and respect for HIS players demand nothing less.

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Facing a 29-point comeback, with 8:29 left in the fourth, the Warriors cut the seemingly impossible lead down to 8 with 3 minutes remaining. The now unbelievable rally became real with Lee, Bjelica, Kuminga, and Moody on the floor. The 119-109 loss may have been the most satisfying for Kerr of this season. Kerr can take solace that Lee and Bjleca have added to their resumes and Kuminga and Moody have taken their next steps in their development. The Warriors, in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals , “didn’t go quietly into that dark night.”

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