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Andrew Wiggins future as a Golden State Warrior

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The twenty-seven year-old all star, and stand out in last year's championship season will certainly be on the trading block this summer. With Andrew Wiggins' new contract of 109 million over four years adding to the Warriors cap woes, and the need to qualify for the mid-level exception under the soon to be announced new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the team from the bay will adjust their roster by addition by subtraction.

The Warriors will need to extend both Draymond Green and Donte DiVincenzo should they opt-out of their current contracts, and qualifying for the 6.5 million dollar mid-level exception under the new CBA is critical to that effort.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement is to take effect in 2024, and with the emergence of Jonathan Kuminga has left the all star 3&D wings' future in doubt.

Wojnarowski reported that the league wants to rein in the spending of certain teams, including the Warriors, so the new CBA will include another luxury tax apron -- $17.5 million above the luxury tax line, per Wojnarowski -- and when a team breaches that threshold, they will lose the Taxpayer Mid-Level exception.

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The Warriors could trade Andrew Wiggins to continue Jonathan Kuminga's development as a starter in Kerr's rotation. The best return for the loss of the all star is to send him back to his home country of Canada for the Raptors' twenty-five year old, 6'7" 3&D wing, O.G. Anunoby.

Wiggins' new four-year deal will cost the Dubs 27.25 million dollars next season. Anunoby has two years left on his current deal with a cost of 17.357 million dollars.

The theoretical trade would be Wiggins to the Raptors for Anunoby and a future pick or picks and a 10 million dollar trade exception. The trade and mid-level exceptions would allow the cap room to extend both Draymond Green and Donte DiVincenzo if they both decide to opt-out of their current contracts.

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If Bob Myers, President of Basketball Operation/General Manager, extends both of their contracts, their salaries would not hit the books until the 2024/25 season. The 10 million dollar trade exception, if not used, would give Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors 50 Million dollars in tax relief. Next years' mid-level 6.5 million dollar exemption and the trade credit could be used to extend DiVincenzo and Green, while continuing Kuminga's development.

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