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The NBA Bench - Jason Kidd and his merry band of Men

The NBA bench can sometimes be the most entertaining part of the game. Benches behave differently from team to team, with players' personalities spilling onto the court. From celebrations to bench drama, you may have witnessed more than a few. The Warriors' bench has had many bench stars, but the antics of Kent Bazemore during his first tenure with Dubs over the years have become the standard, with JaVale McGee trailing close behind Bazemore. Curry has become the World leader in court memes taunting the opposing benches and fans in the most creative ways and mimicked in every sport and competition you can imagine.

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To compare the bench decorum of two playoff opponents and their coaches to Kerr's Warriors' bench protocol is the difference between a circus clown act and having tea with the Queen of England. Kerr encourages his players to express themselves on and off the court, but with some semblance of order. Players not dressed sit at the end of the bench, except for the Dub's OGs. Or with the coaches who occupy a row of seats behind Kerr. Jason Kidd and his merry band of Men are a clown act. Kidd is the most animated coach in the NBA. He coaches the Mavericks running up and down the court, barking adjustments while waving his arms in a panic display. His players are encouraged to be as disruptive as possible, while owner Mark Cuban smiles as he writes the check for the fines leveled for violating the league's code of conduct.

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