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A Mid-Season Adjustment

Kerr's staff dominated by developmental coaches is his biggest asset. Kenny Atkinson, DeJan (DAY-hahn) Milojević (mi-lo-yo-vihch), and Jama (Jah-MAH) Mahlalela (MAH-la-lay-lah), Director of Player Development, we're all hired as Kerr's assistants. Anderson's promising young Net's core traded to acquire Harden and sign Durant. Anderson was passed over for head coach of the Nets, a casualty of the Durant signing. Mahlalela was a contributor to the development of the Toronto Raptures' young core, and both he and Milojeric are welcome additions to Kerr's staff. Milo guided the development of Jokic and is a legend in his native country Serbia.

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Kuminga and Wiseman are special, athletically gifted, possess high basketball IQs and work ethics, and all they need is guidance. Their resumes speak volumes for the coaches who sit on Kerr's right and left. Iguodala, Thompson, Curry, Green, Poole, and staff contribute to what Kuminga and Wiseman covet, with their efforts only to be diminished by the lost opportunity of a teachable moment and Kerr's encouraging approval they seek. Minutes earned and mistakes corrected before becoming bad habits, but teachable moments are the tool in a tool belt to advance the development of young players' careers.

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The "Promise of Wiseman," the draft-day gift of Kuminga, the emergence of Jordan Poole, and the encouraging development of Moses Moody have Warriors well on a path for another potential dynasty. Moody's G league appearances have been impressive and a statement for the time in Kerr's future rotation. Wiseman's meniscus tear, suffered in the second half of last season, has required two additional surgical procedures, with his project return nowhere in sight. Wiseman rehab has turned into a master class with Milojeric and Mahlalela, which heightens the expectations for his return to the court.

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The time to accelerate Kuminga's development is now. With Draymond out indefinitely, the player management restriction on Klay Thompson and Otto Porter Jr. has opened a hole in Kerr's rotation. It is time to use Kuminga's mistakes and lack of attention as teaching moments. Kuminga's unique skill-set in favorable matchups is an advantage worth the risk. The investment will pay dividends in a limited playoff rotation, especially in the early rounds.

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