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A Bridge Too Far - The Series Original Published 8/30/2021

First Chapter - Edited 6/21/22 Second and Third Chapters - Published 12/25/2021

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Chapter One

Bob Myers has orchestrated his vision for A Bridge too Far, retaining this year’s lottery picks Kuminga #7 and Moody #14. Joe Lacob has confirmed his approval for Myers’ chosen path in his post-draft comments. Lacob’s prophecy for the future contains no vision of a blockbuster trade as being practical or likely. The most revealing of all the owner’s comments; “if we can’t (meaning win another championship), “you should look at Joe Lacob and Bob Myers and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins and say you weren’t good enough.” The schedule to complete Myers’ vision will remain flexible. Just the introduction of drafted talent will not meet the expectations for another run at a title. Kuminga may need time to develop, which could mean time in Santa Cruz. Should he flash this summer and have a productive training camp, The possibility remains to play effective minutes in Kerr’s rotation. Myers has signed Otto Porter Jr to take Klay’s minutes if he is not ready and to facilitate Klay’s load management when he is.

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Bazemore has decided his future lies in LA with LeBron, and we wish him well. His departure will eliminate the wrong choice as a solution for Thompson’s situation. Oubre has now signed with the Charlotte Hornets, leaving due to his anticipated reduced role. Moody will be allowed to develop with the emergence of Jordan Poole as a future all-star. Even juggling all the balls to begin the season, Kerr’s rotations must be productive and fluid from the beginning for this next attempt at winning at least one more Larry before the core of the championship years retire. Should Kuminga or Moody contribute to a playoff rotation, It’s time to get excited!

The drafted talent and veterans’ minimums will be the foundation of this team’s attempt to complete Myers’ dream project. That is nothing new; Myers always intended to bridge with drafted players, veterans, and the Warriors’ championship core. Lacob’s investment in Myers’ vision will be spent on veterans’ minimums, mid-level exceptions, and trade exemptions if practically used. Brandon Schneider will remain flexible with a focus on controlling the finances. A cost-plus contract with a “not to exceed limit” of somewhere south of 400 million per calendar season. The control of this project remains with the owner/developer Joseph Lacob under the architectural supervision of Robert Meyers.

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Rick Welts has now retired from the front office as President of the Golden State Warriors. Welts primarily was responsible for relocating to the city of origin, San Francisco, and the construction/development of 1 Warrior Way, better known as Chase Center. With the opening of Chase Center, Welts steps down and retires, leaving on his terms and the trophy in case, Chase Center. Brandon Schneider was promoted from within to direct the organization as President/COO, assuming Welts’ role. Schneider has been with the Warriors organization for 19 years, serving as an Executive Director or Executive Vice President of ticket sales before being promoted to direct the Golden State Warriors organization. Schneider has been honored many times for his leadership role. Welts and Schnieder were heavily involved in the development and construction of the Chase Center. Welts is leaving after restructuring the front office for this hypothetical game of “musical chairs” and the seamless transition of the current staff into their new roles.

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Chapter Two

On or before the end of the 2024 season, Bob Myers should be ready to relinquish his GM responsibilities while retaining his President of Basketball Operations. This event will trigger Kerr to become the new General Manager and Kenny Atkinson to become the new Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. This game of “musical chairs” began over a year ago with Atkinson passed over for the head coaching job of the New Jersey Nets with the hiring of Steve Nash from Kerr’s staff. Kerr convinced Atkinson to take the lead assistant coaching position, with Mike Browns agreeing to move down. Atkinson was an admirer of Kerr’s offensive schemes and planned to install the scheme if hired by the Nets. Should Atkinson be the right choice? The move may come as early as the expiration date of Thompson’s and Green’s contracts with Kerr deciding whether or not to extend or trade one or both. Myers will assume more operational responsibilities and a door plaque equal to Brandon Schnieders’. Myers’ completion of “The Bridge Too Far” will be the fourth “Larry” delivered to Curry’s trophy case. Wiseman, Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody, and Poole headed into their dynasty with Curry, Thompson, and Green providing the veteran leadership to guide it.

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Chapter Three

The Final Years

Thompson returns to the player we longed to see again. Wiseman makes his first appearance of the season in mid-January, displaying the results of months of rehabilitation, time spent in a master class with Dajan Milojeric, and Jama (Jah-MAH) Mahlalela (MAH-la-lay-lah). “The Promise of Wiseman," now fulfilled, seats the Warriors on top for their run through the playoffs. The Larry O' Brian Trophy returns again to the bay to complete the commitment of owner, Joe Lacob, to get Curry his fourth. In the contract year of 2024, the year of career decisions, Kerr leaves the bench for Myers' old office as Kenny Anderson slips into Kerr's place. Green decides to retire, the conclusion of a Hall of Fame career, to pursue a relationship with Turner Broadcasting Corp and their parent companies. Kerr extends Thompson to join Curry for the final curtain call of this dynasty. The vision of the lamp becomes unclear, but the vision for this new dynasty continues, My Bridge Too Far since 1965.



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