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A Bond for Life ~

There will be more than a basketball game in Brooklyn tonight as a defining challenge for a legacy is waged. Winning two championships together has bonded Durant, Curry, Green, Thompson, and Iguodala for life. Thompson will not play tonight as he becomes closer to the day he will return. Klay will be at home and reduced to watching old friends from his couch, wishing he was on the court.

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Durant, who many acknowledge as the best player in today's NBA, will bring his best "A" game while Curry adds to the debate with his play tonight. Green and Igoudala will contribute their supporting arguments representing the original core. This debate will continue far beyond tonight's game but will only add to the conversation to continue for years. The Warriors will showcase a team, many believe, to be a reincarnation of the Curry-led 2015 championship team while Durant attempts to win a Larry on his own.

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